The Right Time

Are you waiting for the right time to make your move? Are you waiting for the right time to switch jobs, ask that person out or begin a new resolution?

Well, I got news for you folks–if you are waiting for it, the right time will rarely come around. The idea that there is a right time is often an excuse for living life passively and justifying not taking action when necessary. It is often an excuse to delay facing your fears and the possibility of failure.

If you ever find that you are telling yourself that you’re waiting for the right time, what you should really be doing is asking what are you so afraid of that now isn’t the right time.

And even if then you still believe that you should wait for the right time, boy have I got one for you. The right time is always now. That’s right, the only right time there will ever be is now. The time to take action is now.

If a goal is that important to you, then every moment spent delaying an action that moves you towards it is a meter that it slips away. It’s a meter more that the courage you need to pursue it becomes more distant.

I can’t say that it is not too long ago that I was telling myself it’s not the right time to write this piece or it’s not the right time to workout or it’s not the right time to attend an event I am interested in. But I experienced a major breakthrough over the course of one weekend.

I was watching a YouTube clip from one of those talent shows that are so popular nowadays. I was seeing a contestant get up on stage to perform a musical number. Even as she was walking onto the stage you could almost sense it in the air with each deep breath she took how nervous she was. With a little probing from the judges she revealed that she came from a small town where people tended not to do much with their life. But her grandmother had always encouraged her not only to pursue her talent but in everything she did. After many years singing to her small hometown audience she had finally decided to make a trip to this show.

After she had told her story, the judges gave her the go ahead to perform. You could feel the audience holding their collective breath in the silence before she started. And on came the song. She started singing. The audience went wild. People rose to their feet, others were crying including one of the judges. No other contestant had given such a lid-blowing performance thus far and the crowd was on their feet cheering her and the judges were cheering her on as well. And at the end of the song, you could see her total bewilderment at such an overwhelming and positive reception.

But in that moment I realized something myself. I realized that a lot of our lives we spend shackling our possibilities the same way that contestant had been her whole life. We shackle our true selves by slowly hiding away those qualities we believe are unacceptable to the world. Our light is dimmed by all the compromises we make to fit in. We do all this when all the universe is really asking of us is to be who we are, unchained and all, and to let our light shine on the world. Think about it—we would never expect a rose to be an oak tree or a lion to behave like a mouse. Why should we expect ourselves to be anything but who truly are?

In one moment, that contestant finally let her light shine. Even though she was nervous, perhaps thinking that it wasn’t her time or that she wasn’t ready, she took the leap anyway. For a moment she unshackled her chains and exposed the world to the full brilliance of who she really was and what her purpose was and the world rose to its feet and applauded her.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone is going to applaud you or what you do but what I can tell you is this—once you let go of the world’s notion of who you should be and when you should be it and fully embrace the you that you have tucked away all this time, you will feel what I can only describe as liberation and that will release the inner resources you have to be able to deal with whatever life may throw at you.

You see, so much of our energy is spent resisting and diminishing our feelings, thoughts, and ambitions. But what you’ll see is once you release that energy of resistance, you have so much more with which to work on what you truly want. The more aware of us know that what we resist and devote energy to becomes magnified. That is why instead of resisting, I suggest an alternative.

The alternative is you allow every thought and emotion you like and dislike to course through you without attempting to resist. If it’s a good emotion or thought, enjoy it while it’s there. If it’s a bad one, observe it with the knowledge that it too is passing. The aim here is to become accepting of who you are in all aspects at all times.

Once you achieve this level of acceptance and unshackling, you realize that there will never be a right time to pursue your goals. There is not going to be a scenario where you are in perfect 100% mode—whether feeling, financial or head wise—to be pursuing the expression of your true self’s desires and goals. You learn that you have to keep moving forward whether you feel like it or not, and whether you think like it or not either.

The real deal here once this knowledge becomes a part of you is that you become a master of yourself. You are able to operate at a higher state of efficiency with great ease because you are no longer resisting yourself. And finally, you free yourself from the notion that there is a magical right time because you understand the best time is now and that by the way, now is the only time we are certain of having. You realize finally that the you that you are right now is enough and capable of doing whatever you set your mind to.


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