3 Habits That Will Supercharge Your Success

Have you ever found yourself starting a workout and stopping midway through the first week, beginning a business plan but not finalizing it, or started any number of new habits but found yourself dragging your feet? You were suffering what I call B-lister syndrome. Never heard of that either, huh?

Brace yourself because you are in for some hard truths. B-lister, or Beta lister, syndrome is that all-too common brand reserved for the unmotivated, unambitious guy or gal who finds excuses around every corner for their lack of achievements. On the opposite spectrum A-lister, or Alpha lister, status is that unique designation for the motivated, go-getting, no excuse-taking troopers who grab opportunity by its horns and demand success with unrelenting, unwavering blood, sweat and tears.

A-listers are the people who put their money where their mouth is. They start the program and don’t stop until all the T’s have been crossed and all the I’s dotted. But what you may ask does it take for a B-lister to achieve A-lister status?

Well, first off there’s no shortcut. As much as I’d like to believe anyone can become anything, you got to at minimum have a desire to improve yourself and achieve A-list status. If there’s not an inkling of ambition for something better and you are completely at ease with complacency, then tough luck—I’m not aware that there is a cure for that. But if you have the desire, then I’ve got some hacks for annihilating any shred of characteristic that you did ever have B-syndrome.

There are 3 “habit hacks” that will transform you into an ultra-motivated, go-getting rocker. They are as follows:

1. Write down your goals: This is a great psychological hack that signals to your subconscious mind that you have manifested a part of a thought—your goal—unto a physical medium—ink and paper or screen and pixels (or chalk and board, etc…you get the drift). Not only that, but it signals that you are serious about what you want to achieve. If it stays in your mind only, then it becomes like an unsent text or email sitting in your outbox waiting for you to decide whether to send it or not. Writing the goal down also forces you to clearly, in no conditional terms, express your goals and clarify them for yourself.

2. Know why you are pursuing your goals: Here’s the simple reality fellow soon-to-be troopers—you’re never going to have enough emotional ammunition to pull you through the mud to the finish line if you don’t know why you want to reach the finish line. Yes a little tweaking of your technique here and there might give you an edge, but on the ultra-competitive field of A-listers only unique advantages can guarantee you a win.

That unique advantage is knowing in your guts the reason you are pursuing the goal that you set. You want to make more money, you want to get super lean and fit or you want to attract the perfect man or woman into your life. That is all great, but you’ve got to have some passion and motivation to get those things and that means seating down with yourself and asking the why’s: why do you want to make more money, what will it allow you to do, why is it that you want to do that thing, and so on and so forth.

You’ll be surprised to learn that often what we are seeking and what we want can be two different things. Like in the preceding example: you may have the goal of making more money but with a little questioning of the why’s you discover that what you really want is to take a month-long trip through Europe to refresh yourself and expand your horizons. In this case making more money is merely a means to an end. Your goal really should be to be able to take that trip. This will motivate you when you are undertaking activities to make it a reality a.k.a. making more money (or using fewer resources so you can save). Knowing the why puts your destination into crystal-clear focus and removes the emotional roadblocks when the journey gets tough.

Once you got the reason down, the next thing is to remind yourself of that reason whenever you are struggling. Remember that you won’t be able to take that trip if you don’t wake up on time to meet with that new client who will help make you the money to take that trip. Get it? Okay, let’s move on.

3. Keep your focus on the present: A-listers know that nothing destroys the will more than an overwhelming goal. That’s why they deploy the tool of being present from their arsenal. Being present means maintaining the majority of your focus on the current tasks that are moving you towards your goal.

In order to do this, you need to breakdown your goals into bite-sized action steps and the best way is to reverse engineering the steps starting from the finish line—your goal achieved—to the present. Once, you have completed this then you will be able to annihilate that nagging feeling of overwhelm and supercharge the motivational force within you.

A word of caution: using one of these habit hacks will yield enormous results, but applying all 3 is a lethal dose to the B-lister syndrome. Get ready to say goodbye to that person as you supercharge your way to A-list status!


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