How I Get Inspired

Just about a week or 2 ago I was at a get together having a fiery discussion with some friends and friends of friends about how to find their passion. We all had different variations on the perspectives about what it takes to find passion, but for some reason it seemed like an elusive thing that once attained would make everything else make sense.

I realized the mistake that we were making. We were talking about passion as if it is some occupation that would just ignite a fire and drive within us. But I realized I didn’t truly agree with that. Why confine passion to one singular thing? I believe a person can have multiple passions throughout his or her lifetime.

What I really think we were trying to get at is how to live an inspired life, which I believe is the true definition of passion. I figured we are not the only ones having this discussion, so I have decided to share my process  for how I get inspired with you my readers.

It is not too long ago that the concept of inspiration seemed a bit foreign to me. I remember reading about how J.K. Rowling came up with the idea for Harry Potter while on a train and thinking how lucky that was. But what I failed to realize is that while inspiration can feel like luck it is anything but.

Over a ton of trial and error and creative blocks, I have come to discover that inspiration is a combination of several events coming together. The first of these is holding deep within you the conviction that there is an idea out there meant for you. This is critical in that this belief, when held consistently, is like a trigger to your subconscious and the universe that you are ready to receive an inspired idea.

The second event that has to occur for inspiration to manifest in your life is for you to believe that it is coming to you at the exact right moment that it is meant to. This belief annihilates the effort involved with trying to make it happen now. Inspiration cannot feel forced. It has to happen at its own time.

And finally the third event that has to occur is that you have to recognize when inspiration flows into you. This experience varies from individual to individual. What I can say is that it is usually accompanied by a powerful sensation that it just feels right and you are suddenly able to connect dots you hadn’t been able to before.

I use this three step process every time I need to discover the next subject matter for this blog, whether to approach someone or the next action step for any venture and interaction I am engaged in. And whenever I operate out of inspiration, everything just seems to flow from one synchronistic event to another. It feels right and it doesn’t feel like work.

This process has helped me overcome many creative blocks and the more I deploy this process, the easier and shorter it gets each time to get to the next inspired plan of action. So for all my fellow readers out there searching for a bit of inspiration or who have hit a wall, give this process a try and let me know how it works out for you.


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