Suspending Disbelief: A Key To Success

Today, I am going to touch on a topic that is critical to success: the suspension of disbelief. The ability to suspend disbelief or doubt is a critical indicator of how far anyone will get in their endeavor. It is an absolute necessity in order to bridge the gap between your vision and where you are today.

But before we move on, let’s define what suspending disbelief is. Suspending disbelief is what happens when we go to the movies and completely immerse ourselves in the experience. If it’s captivating to us, there likely won’t be a moment where we are thinking about how it’s impossible that the superhero is managing to lift the plane or travel through time. No, when we go the movies we have already pre-programmed our minds to make-believe for the duration of the film that what we see is real and possible. That is why we are able to get excited while viewing an action film, be terrified during a horror movie and be moved to tears by an emotional scene in a drama. This all happens because, in that moment, we have let go of the disbelief that what we are seeing is real.

This kind of suspension of disbelief is what is required to create any sort of massive success, especially in novel pursuits. The only difference is that this disbelief needs to be directed at our critics, failures, and other obstacles in our paths and especially at our own doubts about our ability to manifest triumphant outcomes. As aspiring entrepreneurs and humans we need to foster such strong conviction in the visions we hold for ourselves that we can’t be made to falter in the face of anything that stands in the way of it. When we hold such conviction, we can easily suspend disbelief in the fact we can succeed and vanquish doubt that any one person or thing can arrest our momentum.

This is not to be confused with ignorance or arrogance. We can still recognize the points of our critics and learn from our failures. What we’re really doing is eliminating the power over us that any potential setback or critic could have on our conviction to succeed in what we are pursuing. Much like the Michael Jordan’s, and Serena and Venus Williams or any other admired pro-athletes of this world, we may lose a couple of games but if we keep our eyes on the prize and our faith in ourselves we will not falter.

Another way to describe suspension of disbelief is by its sister companion—total faith in one’s own ability to successfully propel one’s self to a desired end goal. If you have faith that no matter what happens or is said, that you will be able to find the resources to continuing propelling yourself towards your end goal then you will realize that nothing can stand in your way.

Suspension of disbelief is also stubbornness of conviction. We have to sometimes be stubborn in our ideals because 1) only we can see our vision exactly as we imagine it and 2) it is a condition of giving it our all and leaving nothing on the table. If a vision is truly important to us, we want to be able to know that every ounce that could have been given to our vision was given and that includes total fidelity to it with both our hearts and minds. And if after all this we fail, we can fail with a peace of mind knowing that all that could be done had been done.

This is the state of conviction and disbelief that we must operate in when pursuing our wildest dreams. The wildness of our dreams must be matched with an equal wildness in our convictions in order to manifest them in this world. And then, we can rest easy at night knowing we put our all on the line.


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