None Of Your Thoughts Are Secret

board-240136_960_720Recently, I came across an interesting phenomenon. I had a bit of a long day ahead of me and, as part of a practice I’ve been making a habit, I decided to visualize precisely how my day would go. I even imagined the coincidences that might occur and the conversations that I would have with different people.

Now, I’ve never quite believed that you can just manifest out of the sky the things you want just by imagining them. I’ve always believed, and still do, that visualization is just a practice round for the massive action that we all need to take in order for us to bring our visions to life. So, after my morning visualization I went about my day taking actions and pretty much fulfilling my own prophecy for the day.

However, something really took me by surprise because I had never quite noticed it before. I realized that the coincidences I had imagined were taking place in nearly the exact fashion I had visualized them. My friends and the other people I had visualized were even bringing up the topics of conversation I had imagined—including things I had visualized but that we’d never discussed—unprovoked by me whatsoever.

This is the part where it gets scary because, you see, during the course of my visualization I had a couple of persistent scenarios that would keep interrupting the otherwise positive nature of my vision. I knew these thoughts would interrupt my process because they were important things I needed to discuss and process, but I would ignore them because I didn’t want to deal with them quite yet.

The chilling part is that despite me not mentioning any of these thoughts and images to anyone but myself, somehow the conversations I had that day touched on all these subjects I was running from. Thankfully, it wasn’t done in a deeply personal way or pointedly at me but definitely in such a way as to make me wonder how on earth this person decided to discuss this out of the blue.

Now, I am not going to attribute this to some woowoo theory that the universe somehow read my thoughts and implanted them in someone else. Perhaps what is more realistic is that through a combination of subconscious messages, my body language, and some unconsciously implanted subliminal directions the message of what was on my mind was conveyed.

I am not sure whether this explanation truly accounts for all the coincidences that occurred and continue to occur as I visualize them. But what is abundantly clear to me is that there is no way of separating our thoughts from our reality.

For a very long time I have believed that, at the end of the day, our lives are mostly a collection of self-fulfilling prophecies. I’ve always seen it to be true in both my life and others’ that our pattern of thinking often directly correlates to our pattern of living and the results we are able to achieve.

What has become exponentially clearer is how fast the transition from thought, imagery and visualization to reality occurs. To drive this point home, I have an additional illustrative point—this one is from when I was a Track & Field athlete in high school.

I recall that’s when I first stumbled upon the idea that visualization could be a powerful force in deploying my full athletic potential. The first time I learned this, I visualized running the 800 meter race I had the following day. I visualized at least 20 different times every single pace I would take, the inhale and exhale of my every breath, the sound of the crowd, the distance between me and my competition and my exact time.

What happened at the race the next day was incredible! I shaved 12 seconds off my personal record. To put this into context, at the level I was running and in this fast-pace of a race if I went 2 to 3 seconds faster from one track meet to the next I would have been astounded. Just the day or 2 before in practice, we had measured our PRs and I was nowhere near the time I hit that day.

Ever since then, I’ve practiced visualization on-and-off whenever I truly desire to perform optimally in any facet of my life. This is the power of our thoughts—they manifest in our lives.

It can be scary to accept, but it is reality. Whatever you think about and whatever thoughts you form images around in your mind, if focused on persistently, will become your reality in life.

I believe acknowledging this means accepting full responsibility for everything in our lives because chances are the vast majority of what is around us we brought to ourselves. And in this acceptance is also the realization of an unprecedented opportunity. The opportunity you have when you completely accept this is the chance to deliberately create the life you truly want. Who wouldn’t want that?


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