Who Are You Really?

Mr_Pipo_thoughts.svg.pngHave you ever peeled back all the layers of your personality to figure out what’s underneath? Maybe you have or perhaps you’re still working on it. I recently went through this exercise. It wasn’t the first time and it’s probably not the last time either, but this time I came to a brand new revelation about myself and about all of us. When you unravel everything that is you—your experiences and memories, beliefs, wants, ambitions—what you discover is that there is none of you left.

You have probably surmised this on your own before, but the truth of the matter is we are all a collection of our thoughts, memories, and all the experiences we have had. When you take that away, you realize that you are essentially nothing but another organism on this planet.

Realizing that you are nothing but part of another species on this planet may sound terrifying and it’s terrifying because we all want to mean and be something. However, if you transform this knowledge into true understanding you realize the beauty of it.

You see, no other organism on this planet, as far as we are aware, has the degree of self-awareness and intellect that we do. A seed is planted and a flower blooms or a tree begins to appear the next season. The flower and the tree’s purpose are just to be. They have no other purpose. Yes, they will become a source of nutrient for some animals, but they will not have thoughts, feelings, and take complicated actions like we do. All they will do is just be.

This is the same for the Kangaroo, the eagle, the lion, and so on and so forth. These organisms will operate the way they are evolutionarily wired to in order to survive and eat and propagate their kind. They do not think of deadlines or play complicated politics. They may organize and even have a leader—an alpha—to preside over them, but this does not go beyond being a mechanism to protect themselves and survive.

We, as humans, display all of these behaviors but because of the significantly higher degree of intellect that we are born with, we are able to go beyond just mere survival and create complex societies, nuanced rules, various languages, and so forth. We are able to have various personas and self-develop our thinking and beliefs to a degree no other species is able to.

But too often we get so wrapped up in the complexities of our personalities and lives that we forget that if we truly took everything back to the basics, all we are born to do as well is just be and live harmoniously in the ecosystem of our planet.

The reason this understanding is so powerful is that once you really grasp it you understand that you are absolutely okay as you are and that you’re actually really outdoing your born purpose on this planet. You understand that it is just fine to be you whatever the personality. You realize that your beliefs and wants and unique personality is a shell that covers you and that underneath you, you don’t have to be anything, anyone, have any particular quirks, ambitions, etcetera.

This does not mean that we all ought to throw away our clothes and cars and go live in the woods. We have a bigger brain than other organisms on this planet and we have a higher intellect as well and correspondingly we ought to make maximum use of these faculties—this may mean that we do have ambitions, goals, and the likes.

However, what this understanding does is that every time we get so caught up in our issues and challenges we are able to kind of center and ground ourselves again by being mindful of what our biologically natural state is which is just to be. And when we get that, our challenges will never faze us because we know we are already exceeding that base potential that we are all born with.


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