Something Unique Happens When…

Something unique happens when you begin to intentionally focus on your journey of self-discovery. The highs in your life become more pronounced and the lows become excruciatingly painful.

In my continuing journey of self-development, I have discovered that the more aware and educated you become about yourself, your motives, how and why you react to certain things, the more sense it makes what is happening within and around you.

There is a point in the journey where you start to be able to observe in real-time the formation of your thoughts, emotions and are able to pinpoint the catalyst behind their formation as they occur almost like a spectator watching a sport. This is a major step in your journey of self-awareness.

Once you reach this point, you are able to understand in the very moment why something feels so good or why something feels painful. You are able to identify which thought-patterns you are engaging in that are leading you to be in the state you’re in.

This ability to self-diagnose yourself in real-time can be a massive asset. It can also be a massive inconvenience.

It can be a massive asset because it allows you to identify the patterns of thought, emotion and action that are most beneficial to you and in doing so make it easier to replicate those patterns.

It is a massive inconvenience because it is frustrating when you identify harmful patterns and yet realize that you keep repeating them. This is like the cigarette smoker who can’t help but pick up another pack even though they know how bad it is for them.

However the inconvenience goes beyond just the frustration of noticing that you are repeating detrimental patterns. You see, as you increase your self-awareness you eventually reach another step.

This is the step where you begin to not just self-diagnose in real-time but to self-heal in real-time as well.

What this means is that as you identify the patterns of thought and reaction you are engaged in you also identify the appropriate response to those patterns. If those patterns are good, you might not need a response but to just be in the moment.

If those patterns are bad, you learn that the healthy response is not to suppress and bottle up your thoughts and emotions. Instead, it is to give them the same space to course through your mind and body as you do positive experiences.

This is tough. In fact it can be very painful.

But it is the way to get to the root of the negative state you’re in.

There is a reason I said at the beginning of this post that the more self-aware you become, the higher the highs and the lower the lows in your life. It is because the more mature in your own self-development you become the more engaged you are with the world within you.

Because you are allowing yourself to be completely in the moment when you are in a state of suffering as when you are in a state of bliss, you will in fact feel these emotions in a much more powerful way.

But on the flip side, that state of suffering will not endure as long as if you had repressed it and you will experience breakthroughs in the negative patterns that led you to it much sooner. And that state of bliss and happiness will last longer than if you had not fully been engaged with it.

Over the coming weeks, I will continue to unpack the process of how we get to these steps in our journey, the pitfalls to watch out for, and how to experience and sustain breakthroughs. Till next time friends!


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